EverQuest Next Landmark Beta Announced!

EQNL Founder's Pack Info

The dates are finally here! While not quite sticking to their original winter timeline, SOE has announced the official EverQuest Next Landmark Alpha and Beta dates. Along with this announcement came the news of Founder’s Packs and the goodies we can get by pre-ordering – including both Alpha and Beta access, depending on what pack you purchase

Alpha access will begin on February 28, 2014 at the latest. Similarly, Beta will begin by March 31, 2014. There is the possibility that either could be released prior to those dates, but at least we know that we’ll have something by then. Check out the video and Founder’s Pack info after the break!

The announced Founder’s Packs are also on sale starting today. Each pack also includes all of the previous tier’s items.

Settler Pack

  • Unlimited Closed Beta
  • Settler Flag Item
  • Founder’s Pickaxe (Top Tier 1 Pick + Top Tier Axe combined!)
  • In-Game Title: Founder
  • Forum Title: Founder

Explorer Pack

  • Everything in the Settler Pack
  • Alpha Access
  • Explorer Flag Item
  • Ring of Bounty (+10% resource gathering)
  • Mega Pocket (+inventory or vault space)
  • Courtier’s Regalia
  • Tech Sergeant’s Gear

Trailblazer Pack

  • Everything in Settler & Explorer Pack
  • Alpha Access
  • Trailblazer Flag Item
  • Mastercraft Bracer (+crafted quality)
  • Void Vault
  • Noble’s Regalia
  • Tech Commander’s Gear
  • 4 Shareable Closed Beta Keys (Time-limited)
  • Your name in the EQNL Credits

As well, for a limited time, when you order the Trailblazer Pack (through Alpha only) you’ll also receive:

  • Early Access to the Beta Forum
  • Forum Title: Trailblazer
  • Alpha Boost (20% bonus to resource collection for 2 weeks during Alpha)
  • In-Game Title: Trailblazer

Trailblazers also will receive a 48 hour (or more) Head Start during Open Beta so they have time to find new claims after Closed Beta is wiped.

You can purchase the Founder’s Packs directly from SOE!

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