EverQuest Next: Landmark to Release in 2013


EQHammer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun today released details and explanations concerning EverQuest Next: Landmark, the collaborative effort between SOE and players who will literally help build the next iteration of EverQuest.

In a nutshell, Landmark will allow players to stake a claim on a chunk of land, and from there deform or rebuild it as they see fit. It’s a very advanced world building tool similar to Minecraft, only with some pretty stunning next gen graphic, and a much better suite of tools at your disposal.

There will be different server types, so some will be lore locked, meaning you can only build in ways that would make sense in Norrath and conform to certain guidelines. So if you want to dig into (literally) Landmark and begin building out things you could envision as part of the full EQNext MMO, you’ll be able to safely do so, but there will also be servers with less restrictions on what can be built.

After you’ve had a chance to digest the news at EQHammer, join us in the EQNexus forums for discussion on it all.