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  • Landmark Patch Notes 6-4-14

    The latest Landmark patch has been released. We are getting a new smoothing tool that promises to be much better than the previous with some added features. We also are getting some new materials for all metal ores. The biggest news though is for next Monday’s patch. As Felgon put it: “Caves. Swimming. Monday. Boom. #landmark.”

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  • Social Features and the Future of Landmark

    Having finally gotten some experience with Landmark, I have to say I’m quite impressed with how much fun I’ve been having while playing it. I’m not even particularly interested in building games; in fact, this is my first foray into one. I’m one of the many MMO players who ventured into Landmark looking for a taste of Everquest: Next, only to be unwittingly tricked into enjoying myself along the way. It’s not that surprising in a way. Landmark isn’t just a building game, after all; it’s an MMO as well. However, it does have a long way to go on that front.

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  • Community Spotlight – Whimsical Cottage and the Swap Meet

    There have been some amazing new builds since the arrival of closed beta.  A few have caught my eye that I wanted to share with everyone. Today’s spotlight centers on what is described as a Whimsical Cottage and the increasingly popular Swap Meet claims where anyone can freely place and take templates. Take a look below at what this amazing community continues to create and dream up.

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  • Why Beta Matters

    EverQuest Next Landmark’s alpha phase has come to a close, and the beta phase is only moments away from beginning.  The beta phases of many MMORPGs in recent years have been criticized for primarily being marketing tools to drum up hype for a game in development; an over-simplified and unfair criticism, but a common one, no less.  And although the Landmark beta is only in its closed phase, the game has had the most public alpha phase of any game in history.  Still, today marks a very important day in the EverQuest franchise, and I will explain why.

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  • EverQuest Next Lore in 1 Minute

    Since you cannot log in to the Landmark servers for a few days, you are going to have to get your EverQuest Next fix somewhere else.  The team at LORE has you covered for at least 1 minute with their recent take on the EverQuest Next storyline:

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  • The End of Alpha

    The EverQuest Next: Landmark Alpha is coming to a close.  The final day of Alpha will be Sunday, March 23rd.  Servers will be brought down on the 24th and 25th for a COMPLETE wipe of all claims, builds, resource totals, etc.  Players will begin the Closed Beta portion of development with nothing more than their name and any templates they have bothered to save.

    SOE is highly encouraging players template their entire builds, including pieces that make up more complex builds.  As a part of the wipe, SOE will template all player claims on behalf of the player, but players will be unable to recreate many of these until after they have obtained a tremendous number of resources.  It may be best to template in pieces.

    Servers will be down on Monday and Tuesday the 24th and 25th, and will return to live action for Closed Beta on the 26th.  For those with Founder’s Packs that grant Beta keys for friends, four 1-week time limited keys will be distributed to you after servers are unlocked on the 26th.

    This has been an incredible development process to watch and take part in.  This is one of the first (if not THE first), and definitely the largest pay-for-alpha access projects we have seen.  The NDA was removed early on, and misconceptions about the project shortly thereafter.  For those of you who have participated significantly, what have you loved the most?  What are you growing tired of?  What are you most eager to see implemented in Closed Beta?  Join us in the EQNexus forums to share your story.

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  • The Next State

    We are now 27 Round Tables Deep into the EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark development. It is hard to believe, but we are actually approaching the one year anniversary of the EverQuest Next debut from August 2, 2013. It is time to get the pulse of the community and determine where your opinion of the actual flagship EverQuest product is heading. Read on to see the key points I have focused on for Next’s development, and then share a few of your own.

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  • March Madness – Win a Trailblazer Pack and Station Cash!

    Updated! SOE was generous enough to provide some additional prizes and we can upgrade the prize packs! The winner now receives a Trailblazer pack and the second and third place winners get Explorer packs. The Station Cash awards remain the same for now.

    For those sports fans out there we want to give you a chance to join the fun that is Landmark while also enjoying some college basketball. We are hosting a bracket group on ESPN for this years March Madness.  Anyone who wants to join us is free to do so, so please spread the word. The winner will be gifted a Trailblazer pack for Landmark and 3000 Station Cash! Not bad for something that is totally free right? Well it gets a little better. We will also be giving the second place winner an Explorer pack and 1000 Station Cash and the third place winner will be getting a Explorer pack. That is three chances to win entry into Landmark and also the possibility to get some Station Cash to spend in the newly patched marketplace. 

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