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  • Update Notes 10/31

    Update Notes 10/31

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    • Multi-Threaded Rendering
      • MTR is now turned on by default. On systems with slower CPUs, lower resolutions, or systems with very fast video cards the difference is more noticeable.
      • Basically on any machine where the game is CPU limited there should be a performance increase. However, we’ve done a lot of CPU optimizations over the last couple months, so the game is usually GPU limited for most configurations now.
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  • Insiders No More

    SOE has announced to participants that they will be ending their Insiders program as it is in its current state. Most of you are aware that this was a pilot program aimed at bringing attention and awareness to Landmark. It has had a somewhat controversial but equally entertaining history that has sparked a lot of discussion, both positive and negative. Whether you agreed or disagreed with the Insiders program, it did help bring to Landmark what was needed: players and attention.

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  • EverCast – Ep 37 “Let us slay”

    Checkout the latest EverCast episode 37, “Let us slay,” discussing Landmark combat, revamped weapons and trinkets, plus the addition of armor. Join the discussion thread here.

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  • The Workshop Show #18: OGRES!

    The Workshop Show #18: OGRES! ”The Ogres have bested the Dwarves in this poll. Join Jeff, Rosie, and Steve to learn more about the newest race in The Workshop. ” Join the discussion!

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  • Extra Life 2014 – Giveaway Drive

    As part of our drive to raise money for Extra Life this year we are starting a contest of sorts to help raise donations and awareness of the cause. The way this will work is we will begin with a smaller package of items that will be given away to one winner and as we cross number thresholds, i.e. number of donations received, more items will be added to the giveaway. In order to be eligible for the grand giveaway you will need to have donated a minimum of $15.  And to be clear, there will only be one of these packages given away and the winner will be chosen at random.

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  • An Interview with Miguel Cepero of Voxel Farm

    I am happy to finally put out my interview with Miguel Cepero of Voxel Farm. This was done many moons ago, to be specific September 2013 (yes over a year ago!), just after his collaboration with SOE was announce at SOE Live 2013. For various reasons this was a delayed article but there are still relevant questions and answers. I want to thank Miguel for not only participating in this but also checking over his answers a year later to ensure accuracy (and there is only one that needed to be updated over that period of time). For anyone who is following Next or Landmark, loves gaming in general or is very interested in voxels, you need to be following Miguel. He does amazing work.  Be sure to check out Procedural World and the Voxel Farm website and also follow Miguel on Twitter as well as his YouTube channel.

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  • Extra Life 2014

    Extra Life 2014

    We are very pleased and happy to be again participating in Extra Life this year. This is the first year that SOE has created their very own team. Because of this we did dissolve the EQNexus team in favor of the SOE team. But we still have two different places that you can donate, with Fantomex or Shyntyrr. We just want one thing, to raise as much money for these kids as we can, so if can’t join us, please make sure you join someone and donate! If you do join us we will be giving away several items including SOE Live Loot cards, special edition Landmark cards and possibly a Naggy hat or two! As we get closer to the date, October 25th, we will get a stream schedule up.

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  • Theory Forge – Ep1 – Dropping the Hammer

    Theory Forge – Ep1 – Dropping the Hammer

    If you missed the fun-time action with the cast of Theory Forge, do not worry! Here is the first, breakthrough episode, Dropping the Hammer! It is broken into two videos due to technical difficulties, but hey it was the first episode so that was bound to happen right? If you have any questions, comments or want to join us, just hit up any of the hosts: VisGamingSirTsaghLocksixtimeVeluuxLegendary Neurotoxin and Fantomex or send a message to the official Theory Forge twitter handle!

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