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  • Theory Forge – Ep1 – Dropping the Hammer

    Theory Forge – Ep1 – Dropping the Hammer

    If you missed the fun-time action with the cast of Theory Forge, do not worry! Here is the first, breakthrough episode, Dropping the Hammer! It is broken into two videos due to technical difficulties, but hey it was the first episode so that was bound to happen right? If you have any questions, comments or want to join us, just hit up any of the hosts: VisGamingSirTsaghLocksixtimeVeluuxLegendary Neurotoxin and Fantomex or send a message to the official Theory Forge twitter handle!

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  • Theory Forge – A Friday Night Live Cast

    Theory Forge – A Friday Night Live Cast

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  • Update Notes – 8/27/14

    Update Notes – 8/27/14

    Combat and Game Tables

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  • Lore Updates from Moorgard

    Steve “Moorgard” Danuser dropped into the official EverQuest Next forums this afternoon to discuss some lore related topics that had been the cause for confusion among Norrath fans.  Adding significant depth to a few story lines we have touched on briefly before, Moorgard set straight the origin story for the new Norrath, and then further explained the relationship of gods and mortals, specifically referencing the death of Tunare storyline.

    Take a few minutes and read up on Moorgard’s work and then visit us in the EQNexus forums to discuss.

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  • 5 Major Questions About EverQuest Next

    As we discussed yesterday, the road ahead for EverQuest Next is pretty wide open, but we at least have a framework or an overview map to see where that road should be taking us.  As SOE Live refined the questions we have about Next, here are the top five intriguing elements that we still need to know about the new Norrath.

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  • EverQuest Next: The Road Ahead

    As the rush of SOE Live 2014 fades and the cold reality that we will be without organized Vegas inspired antics for another year sets in, a low rumble of discord has set in within many EverQuest Next discussions: where was all the EverQuest Next info?  Certainly, no MMO related company has done as good a job as SOE in recent years at engaging the community through social media and actual in game involvement, but there is a reasonably large faction that believes they missed the mark with SOE Live 2014.  With the benefit of a week’s worth of perspective, let us look back at what became the practical application of the philosophies SOE revealed in 2013.

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  • SOE Live Livestream Schedule

    The SOE Live Livestream Schedule as per the official lineup page (likely subject to change). This is current as of 4PM CST 8/12/14.

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  • SOE Live 2014

    SOE Live 2014

    It is upon us. The yearly tradition that is SOE Live is nearly here. In just three short days many of us will be descending upon Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to take in all that SOE has to show us. I won’t lie, my hopes are incredibly high but at the same time I am keeping my expectations at a minimum. Why? Last year was billed to be a huge celebration and unveiling of the Next big thing: EverQuest Next. Instead we had a small peek and were given something wholly unexpected: Landmark. And really, since that time we have not been given much more other than a sparse amount of concepts and ideas.

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